Candyking & Super Signs – a sweet business mix 

Super Signs Ltd, a Chichester based company who specialise in point of sale, signage and visual marketing solutions have worked with Candyking, Europe’s leading player within pick & mix sweets for the past 15 years.

Super Signs now manufacture a variety of products for some of Candyking’s largest partners, which include Asda, Tesco, Wilkinson, Poundland, Odeon, Cineworld and many more. The sweet giant has over 1500 retail partner outlets in the UK and Super Signs continuously design and manufacture product merchandising solutions that maximise the space available to demonstrate to British consumers a continuing variety of confectionery the Candyking brand offers.

Design and manufacturing projects include:

  • Custom made display units
  • Innovative cup dispensers
  • Colourful vacuum moulded side panels
  • Moulded GRP shelf infill’s
  • Unique lid dispensers
  • Vibrant digital printing graphics
  • Eye-catching vehicle graphics

Peter Pople, Candyking’s UK Operations Director explained, “We continue to work with David and his team at Super Signs because they design and manufacture innovative solutions and have always pulled out the stops to fit around the tight deadlines for our rollouts. This helps us to promote our brand and retain our number one position across the Grocery, High Street and Cinema sectors.” 

Peter continued “Super Signs create and build bespoke units to fit our retail requirements which can vary greatly between our partners across the UK. We have to try and maximise the offering and variety of confectionery within the space constraints we are faced with on an individual customer basis. Consumer preference and therefore product management is crucial to being able to maintain a high level of performance for our customers. High standards of hygiene and availability at the point of sale are also very important.” 

David Maltby, Super Signs Managing Director expanded “we really value our long and close working relationship with Candyking. With our in-house manufacturing solutions and creative design skills combined with our fabrication facilities we hope we will continue to work with Candyking on new and exciting projects in the future.”


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