Fascia & Building Signs

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Cut Vinyl Graphics

Cut vinyl graphics are perfect for applying direct to your shop fascia or windows. We can use a combination of coloured cut vinyl's or full colour printed vinyl which can be cut to any shape.

This easy-to-apply method can be an economical but really effective choice for traditional looking shop fronts and is an alternative to hand painted lettering or logos.

GJ Guitars sign tray and acrylic panels

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Sign Trays

We make our sign trays from aluminium or composite aluminium sheet which is folded into a tray shape, with a maximum foldable sheet size of 3000 x 2000mm.  Larger tray sizes can be produced by joining trays together, using a tongue and groove method and leaving an almost invisible join.  

Tray returns can be produced to any size from 25mm and upwards but generally not deeper than 150mm.   The corner joins are then welded or bonded, sanded, keyed and primed for painting. We can offer a large range of paint colours and we can match almost any colour.  After painting, the tray can then be finished by applying cut vinyl's or full colour vinyl graphics.

The sign tray is then fixed to the building with discreet fixings top and bottom and no fixings to the face.


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Fret-cut Sign Trays

Fret-cut sign trays are similar to standard sign trays but before we fold the tray, we cut letters or logo through the aluminium. We then fold and finish the sign tray as before (see Sign Trays section). Acrylic is used to cover over the cut holes of the text or logo. The acrylic can be coloured or have vinyl applied to it. Usually fret-cut sign trays have internal illumination and when lit, the fitted acrylic will be opaque to let the light through.

The lights we fit behind the sign tray are fitted into a back tray which is made to the same specification as the front sign tray but the aluminium is left unpainted to deflect the light.

Reef Aquatics

Moulded Formed Letters

For short-run moulded letters we cut a template from MDF to almost any font and then form each letter. There is a wide range of colours available.

Plastic standoff locators are then fitted ready for fitting.

Chichester Fancy Dress

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Fret-cut Letters

Cut and shaped letters are a perfect way to add identity and style to the existing architecture of your building.

We can design and cut to shape, any range of cut letters and logos, sizes up to 8ft x 5ft.  Our computer controlled router can cut a range of materials in different thicknesses to suit the design.  Standard material colours are available - with our in-house paint shop we can also offer the option to paint-match to any colour or finish.

City Ceramics

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Flexi-Face Signs

This style of sign, which is essentially a printed vinyl banner material, stretched and fixed across a shaped frame, has many advantages over other types of building-fitted signs. Flexi-face signs can cover a large area, without joins, and can be internally illuminated, which gives an effective glow behind a full colour print.

These signs are made from an edge extrusion, which can be shaped and jointed and backed with a thin aluminium panel with reinforcing bars.  Banner material is then stretched over the edge section and an outer trim around the edge, giving a neat and tidy finish.

Adding internal illumination is an easy, extra option and is commonly used. Although these signs can be more expensive to produce and fit than less intricate designs, the extra cost can be really worthwhile to achieve a stunning looking sign.

Polished stainless Steel letters with internal white halo leds

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Built-up and Illuminated Letters